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Thursday, August 22, 2013


This Fall/Winter season is all about Oxblood. The "Gothic - Vampire- Romantic - Victorianesque " colour is the new black. Here are some of my favourite nail polish and lipstick colours to indulge in this season. 


MAC Lipsticks:
1- MEDIA (Satin finish)
2- SIN ( Matte finish- MAC Pro)
3- DIVA (Matte finish)


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My 5 Fave MAC Lipsticks

It was hard to pick just 5, but I went through all my lipsticks and managed to pick out the 5 that I just love the most. 

 1) BLANKETY: This is the perfect nude lipstick for my olive skin. It has a pink undertone and doesn't wash me out. I can pair it with a nude, plum or brown lip liner. 
 2) DIVA: Hellooooo perfect fall and winter lipstick! This deep red with a purple undertone is the only fall/winter accessory you will need. 
 3) GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Hot pink lips will never go out of style, and this colour goes with just about every skin tone. Just make sure you have the right lip liner or else things can look messy. 
 4) KINDA SEXY: My other favourite nude lipstick. This one has an orange undertone, so it is a warmer colour. I don't need to wear a lip liner with this, but I love using a brown lip liner to keep it neutral. 

5) REBEL: Every woman needs this colour. Like the name suggests, it instantly makes me feel rebellious. Although a little too dark for summer, it would make an awesome night out lip colour to show your bold side. Ladies, if you have green eyes, I highly recommend this.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Purple Haze...

One of my all time favourite makeup looks is a smokey eye... and luckily there are many ways in which you can wear a smokey eye. If you are not comfortable with the dramatic look of a smokey eye, then I recommend that you start first with incorporating some purples into your makeup routine. It is an easy way to have some colour on your face without people mistaking you for a... a woman ...working... on the streets... you know what I mean ;) 

So here is how I created this wearable purple smokey eye. 

First Step: I applied my Two Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer all over my eyelid. I then applied MAC's Hyperviolet Paint Pot over top of the primer. ( I wanted the purple paint pot to be a good base for my purple eye shadows)

Second Step: I applied MAC's Pink Opal on to the inner half of my eyelid, and blended. Then I took MAC's Top Hat (an oldie but a goodie) and applied it to the outer half of my eyelid and blended it to mix with the Pink Opal pigment. I took MAC's Wedge eyeshadow and blended it into my crease, so I could give the edges of the purples a soft defused effect. * Blend Blend Blend* 

Third Step: I took MAC's Feline Eye Pencil and applied to the top and bottom lashes, then used my ring finger and a brush to smudge it out. For the bottom lash line, I applied Top Hat on top of the black pencil. The apply some mascara! Before I applied my lashes, I took MAC's Phloof! shadow and applied it just under my brow bone as my highlight. For extra an extra highlighting effect, I took MAC's Vellum shadow ( remember that good one?) and applied it just in the inner corner of my eye. Really makes the purple stand out because Vellum was a white frost with a iridescent purple tone to it.

Fourth Step: LASHES! I applied  some dramatic Velour Lashes (I forgot the name) that I got at the IMATS last year.  To finish the look, I swept on some of MAC's Pink Swoon Blush then moved on to my lips. 

 Fifth Step: Finally, the perfect lip for a smokey eye... the nude lip. I took MAC's Absolutely It Lip Pencil  and filled in my lips with it, then took MAC's To the Future Lipstick and applied it on top of the liner. And to finish my lips, I applied MAC's Girl♥Boy Plushglass

And I'm done. 

xoxoxox  - M 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monthly Faves - MAY

Hi dolls! I managed to yet again rack up some product this month that I just love! Check them out below.

First up, Estee Lauder's summer cult favourite: BRONZE GODDESS. Seriously, I have been obsessing over this perfume for many years. And finally just a few weeks ago I bought it. (Duty free, thank you Pearson International Airport) The scent reminds me of the beach, and the beach makes me happy. Therefore, this scent makes me happy :) I highly recommend this gorgeous perfume to anyone who wants to be a walking beach.

 MAKEUP FOREVER: HD Primer. I got this product not because I was in the market for a foundation primer, but I was shopping for my trip to Cuba. As a makeup artist, I was dreaming of my skin becoming a few shades darker and realized that I needed something to even out my newly tanned skin. A friend of mine at the MUFE store in Toronto showed me the miracle work of this product. With just a few pumps of this tinted primer mixed into my regular foundation, I had control over how dark my new foundation colour should be. AMAZING! 
 SMASHBOX: Face and Cheek Brush. I love Smashbox's brushes, always have. I just found them to be a bit pricey. However, I found this brush at Winners for $12!! WHAT??? Yes that is correct... $12. The brush is so soft, and the tip is a nice round shape for an even blush application. Thank you Winners. 
 I love these two mascara's. BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL and MAYBELLINE FALSIES. While one is much cheaper than the other, I find they both give a really nice and intense lash look. I hate the brush on the Maybelline mascara, but I find if I really work the mascara in, it gives me great results. They're Real... I am coming back for you.
Lastly, RAPIDLASH. This eyelash and brow growth serum has worked wonders for me. I bought it for $60 at Shoppers Drug Mart maybe 10 weeks ago... and have applied it almost every night. My brows have grown in the areas where the hairs needed some TLC. I will continue to use this until I have the brushy brows I had before I started to wax and over tweeze them . 


- mare