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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Monthly Faves - MAY

Hi dolls! I managed to yet again rack up some product this month that I just love! Check them out below.

First up, Estee Lauder's summer cult favourite: BRONZE GODDESS. Seriously, I have been obsessing over this perfume for many years. And finally just a few weeks ago I bought it. (Duty free, thank you Pearson International Airport) The scent reminds me of the beach, and the beach makes me happy. Therefore, this scent makes me happy :) I highly recommend this gorgeous perfume to anyone who wants to be a walking beach.

 MAKEUP FOREVER: HD Primer. I got this product not because I was in the market for a foundation primer, but I was shopping for my trip to Cuba. As a makeup artist, I was dreaming of my skin becoming a few shades darker and realized that I needed something to even out my newly tanned skin. A friend of mine at the MUFE store in Toronto showed me the miracle work of this product. With just a few pumps of this tinted primer mixed into my regular foundation, I had control over how dark my new foundation colour should be. AMAZING! 
 SMASHBOX: Face and Cheek Brush. I love Smashbox's brushes, always have. I just found them to be a bit pricey. However, I found this brush at Winners for $12!! WHAT??? Yes that is correct... $12. The brush is so soft, and the tip is a nice round shape for an even blush application. Thank you Winners. 
 I love these two mascara's. BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL and MAYBELLINE FALSIES. While one is much cheaper than the other, I find they both give a really nice and intense lash look. I hate the brush on the Maybelline mascara, but I find if I really work the mascara in, it gives me great results. They're Real... I am coming back for you.
Lastly, RAPIDLASH. This eyelash and brow growth serum has worked wonders for me. I bought it for $60 at Shoppers Drug Mart maybe 10 weeks ago... and have applied it almost every night. My brows have grown in the areas where the hairs needed some TLC. I will continue to use this until I have the brushy brows I had before I started to wax and over tweeze them . 


- mare